The Dirksen Center Announces the End of CongressLink

In 1996, The Dirksen Congressional Center launched the first edition of its flagship Web site, CongressLink. It was a pioneering and award-winning effort to consolidate information about Congress into a single Web site for teachers of American government and civics.

In January 2015, however, The Center decided to take down CongressLink and a related site, About Government. Why? Today, other organizations, such as the National Archives, the Library of Congress, and the Senate and House of Representatives, have more robust Web sites and resources to serve teachers and the general public. Powerful search engines, such as Google, deliver more current and accurate information than either CongressLink or About Government.

We have decided to concentrate on developing Web content based on the unique, historical collections at The Center. You will now find links to these resources at The Dirksen Congressional Center’s homepage:

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